Łasztownia. The New Heart of the City


The Municipal Office is announcing a redevelopment project for Łasztownia. One of the main points of the “Łasztownia – The New Heart of the City” project will be to organise an international architectural and city planning contest for the development of the isle.

Preparations for the project have been going on since September 2015. Up till now an update has been prepared of a map showing the land ownership in Łasztownia. Also, necessary legal steps have been taken to launch the activities aimed at the development of the isle. In October and November 2015 meetings were held with stakeholders at which the activities planned in the scope of the development of Łasztownia were discussed, as well as the aims and benefits of the project.

Also last year’s Westival – art of architecture was devoted to issues related to Łasztownia. As part of the event students of architecture and architects participated in the workshop “The Szczecin of the Future – the Future of Szczecin_ŁASZTOWNIA”. City Architect Jarosław Bondar was the curator of the event. Three workshop groups developed their own designs for the development of Łasztownia. The workshop covered the area of Bulwar Gdyński, Trasa Zamkowa and Energetyków Streets.

16.02.2016 at 5 p.m. in the Iluzjon Hall of the Old Abattoir a meeting will be held “The Szczecin of the Future – the Future of Szczecin_ŁASZTOWNIA”, during which the results of the students’ work will be presented.

Łasztownia is an integral asset of our city. This area has a tremendous value, which we have been pointing to for many years, among others, with reference to the vision of the Floating Garden. Already new investments vital for the city are being developed there, as the modernised Old Abattoir. That is why we are now talking about the launch of a major project related to the whole concept of restructuring the place and giving it back to the city – of course as a place associated with yachting, sailboats and the access to water, but also a space serving the arts, as a space designed not only for offices but also for residential purposes. We want Łasztownia to be a project which is going to attract the interest of not only architects and city planners from Poland, but also those from Europe and the whole world” said Mayor of Szczecin Piotr Krzystek at the press conference devoted to the project.

In March the city is also expecting an important decision on the matter of the municipalisation of Gryf Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o. Further measures within the projects include the presentation of graduation projects prepared by students from Brussels who visited Szczecin in 2015 on the invitation of Jarosław Bondar. The main subject of the works is a design for the development of Łasztownia. The designs will be presented at the end of June and beginning of July 2016. In mid-2016 community consultations and discussions are also planned with the participation of professional circles and stakeholders. In October 2016, at the coming edition of Westival, an open-air architectural workshop is also planned for the development of Łasztownia. In the second half of 2016 work measures will be taken to prepare the contest for the development of Łasztownia.

In December 2016 the international architectural and city planning contest will be held for the development of Łasztownia. The finale of the contest will be connected, among others, with city-planning work involving changes to the local spatial-development plan.

“We are talking about a design not for months but for years. At the same time, for the spatial development of Szczecin the project may be as equally important as the moment when the city stopped being a stronghold, or as the decision to erect the Chrobry Embankment. The location of Łasztownia gives tremendous opportunities which the city has decided to grasp” stressed Deputy Mayor of Szczecin Piotr Mync.

In the second half of 2018 a local spatial development plan will be adopted taking account of the changes regarding the area of Łasztownia. The period from June to September 2018 will be used for preparing materials for the portfolio for investors. The measures will conclude with the search for investors, preparing and conducting tendering procedures for municipal real properties and investment initiatives in the remaining real properties.

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