“The Szczecin of the Future – the Future of Szczecin_ŁASZTOWNIA”

In November 2015 another successive edition of Westival was held. “The Szczecin of the Future – the Future of Szczecin_ŁASZTOWNIA” – was the subject of workshops for architects and students of architecture held within the scope of the festival. City Architect Jarosław Bondar was the curator of the event.

ŁASZTOWNIA has a chance to become part of history. It also stands the chance of becoming one of the major spots of the city. It can become the heart of Szczecin. This has inspired the idea of holding workshops for architects and students of architecture which will initiate the process of the revitalisation and reconstruction of such a unique place as Łasztownia.

The workshops will cover the area of Bulwar Gdański, Trasa Zamkowa and Energetyków Streets. Thus it is going to naturally build on the results of Westival 2014, when the Old Town was “approaching the Boulevards”. In 2015 the workshops’ participants moved to the other bank of the Oder River. By combining the designs from 2014 and last year, the organisers have developed the opportunity to create a vision integrating the whole CITY within the WESTIVAL.

The participants in the workshops were free to develop the solutions as authors and in an unrestricted manner. Yet, due to the existence of local spatial development plans in Łasztownia and Międzyodrze, knowledge of the provisions was needed, and it was required to present the conceptual solutions as potential changes to the above-mentioned plan. The workshop participants were divided into three groups. Each of the groups consisted of three architects and three students.

Viewing Szczecin from the other side of the Oder River affords a new perspective and allows the rediscovering of our city. That is why the redevelopment of Łasztownia and the utilisation of the assets of Międzyodrze are creating quite a new vision of Szczecin, and Łasztownia without doubt might become its central point.

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